CPU Plotter Gigahorse 2.0 and native Chia farmer


I was wondering if I can use the CPU Plotter from Gigahorse found here

to create compressed plots in a pool (pool.space) and still use native Chia client to farm/mine

this is how I did things with madmax’s older CPU plotter found here :slight_smile:

I am switching to the new plotter to get compression. that is the only thing I am changing. I will still farm/harvest with native Chia client on pool.space

will this work?

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If you run Gigahorse as well, that should work. The only hangup I see is that the CPU plotter hasn’t been updated in many months so I don’t believe it’s capable of plotting the latest compression levels.

If you creating GH compressed plots then you need use the Gigahorse farmer, once that’s running you can then start the GUI.

If you don’t want to use GH farmer, then you’ll have to use Bladebit compressed plots.

awesome its all working now. using giga cpu to plot my plots and giga farmer with native chia gui. one last question. If I am a small farmer (it. 200 - 250 TB total), if I made all my plots C7 and I was running gigahorse farmer/harvestor, how can I tell if my farmer/harvester can handle farming that much all being compressed at C7?

C7 probably not the best option now - it goes all the way to C20 although you don’t want that.

To see if you farmer can cope you need to run the proof of space program with various size plots to see what it can handle.

Plotting and farming at the same time could cause issues depending on the GPU.