Crypto Crash 22. Thanks Celsius, Bitcoin Ethereum. L1 Mining Analysis, Chia lookin💚 + Macro Analysis

It’s pretty ugly out there for a bunch of reasons today in the Crypto markets and Chia is looking hella good compared to Eth and BTC mining operations at Avg US electric rates.

Chia is straight up awesome L1 tech, so while at a low price I still am very much behind the team, goals and way they are going about achieving it. Electric prices are rekn a lot of other cryptos, something we have a large margin of immunity to as Chia farmers. How are you feelin with your Chia farm?

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Hey man I shot you an email. Not sure if youve seen it

Not stressin’ it. Chia is all I HODL now. Got out before the SHTF


Global clima crysis and they burn electricity for nothing. Thats what I’m talking about all the time. So I HODL chia. No other crypto and I buy H2 shares from company because this will come in the next 3-4 years and will have massiv impact.

I dont know did I respond yet? My email is ultimate wrecked with spam. Feel free to DM me also.

Did not watch the video but does he even mention the Russian War against Ukraine, the inflation in Eurozone and the decline in stock prices (due to institutions’ selling their assets)?