Data transfer from HDD TO SSD

Hi guys I am new to this thing. I am using my pc HDD 1TB. Already plotted 1 with it and the sync process is too slow. Now I am bought the external SSD 1TB can I copy and paste the plot in SSD and can I change the path by deleting the old directory and add the new one it will work ? Can you guys guide me…

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You can fit 165 k32 plots on a 18tb hhd. What is it your trying to do? You plot in a temp drive SSD NVME then have the plot copied to your dest drive.

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Yes, you can change the location of the database for faster syncing (SSD), as well as leave plots wherever you wish as well (and point Chia to that directory). I may have to differ to the rest of the crew on this one, the last time I edited the yaml file it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

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I had a similar experience. But I had a backup copy of my config.yaml file, which saved my butt.

For a new customer, or anyone not keen on editing their config.yaml file for the purpose of plot directories…
You can do so via the GUI.

On the Plots tab, next to +ADD A PLOT option, there are vertical ellipses.
Click on those ellipses, and you will see a list of your current directories of your plots that are being scanned by Chia.

In that listing, you can delete a directory, or add a new directory.
Note that it will not delete the actual directory on your storage device. It will delete only Chia’s reference to monitoring that directory for plots.

Using the GUI will prevent you from making a type-o in config.yaml

@streakbeast “config.yaml” is a file containing a vast number of Chia’s settings, including your plot directory locations. If you put a period, comma, or space in the wrong place (or remove one from where it needs to be), you can cause Chia to become unpredictable and unreliable. Via the GUI, however, that should not happen.

Via any Windows tool of your choice, move your plots from wherever they are to wherever you want them to reside, and then use Chia’s GUI to reflect where you have your plots.

You can move plots around, and you can update config.yaml, while Chia is running.

I believe that Chia scans config.yaml every 120 seconds (that, too, is a config.yaml setting).
So your changes might take that long to show up in the GUI when you look to see if your new plots location is reflecting your plots.

Make a copy of your config.yaml file, too, before making any changes.
It is located in:

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Can I cut and paste the plot file from HDD to external SDD?

Have you ever moved a file from one folder to a different folder?

A plot is just a file. Move that file the same as you would any other file.

I do not cut and paste to move files. But that should work.

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