Debug log ubuntu

When i type ~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log it says command not found. What am I doing wrong?

You need to add some program to open it. You can try vi /path/debug.log to open in CLI or if you have window manager you can type gedit /path/debug.log to open it.

Or if you want to print all the lines from the file do cat /path/debug.log - this will print a lot of things, but its an option.

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I still dont know how to go about it? Im new to this. Thanks

Hi @Coinxt ,

“~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log” is the adress of your logfile. You need to use a program to open it. As Baylicious said, you need to use the command “vi /path/debug.log” or “gedit /path/debug.log” !

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@Coinxt what are you trying to find in the debug log? Maybe we could help with a specific command…

Another way you can try is - open your Files program and navigate to your Home directory, then press Ctrl+H so it shows hidden files. Locate the .chia directory and then navigate to mainnet/log and double click on debug.log it should open.

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I got the file opened! I would like to change the log level to INFO to check harvester times. How do I do that?

Got it - the debug.log will contain the actual logs the program outputs, to change the log level go to the .chia/mainnet/config directory and open config.yaml. Search for WARNING it should be like log_level: WARNING and replace the warning part with INFO. Save and restart your chia client.

To be on the safer side, create a copy of config.yaml before starting, you can just copy/paste in the same dir.

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Thanks! Will restarting the chia client terminate my current plotting?

If you are plotting via GUI and/or on the same machine, yes it will.

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