Derivation Index manually set up

Is it worthy to touch it anyway?


are you having issues?

It doesn’t seem this way but how could i tell. Maybe i have an issue and have no clue that i do.

What does this number represent anyway? Why do i need 430 wallets count if in fact i have just four.

Fromt tjhe GUI help:

The derivation index sets the range of wallet addresses that the wallet scans the blockchain for. This number is generally higher if you have a lot of transactions or canceled offers for XCH, CATs, or NFTs. If you believe your balance is incorrect because it’s missing coins, then increasing the derivation index could help the wallet include the missing coins in the balance total.

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Why do i need 430 wallets count if in fact i have just four.

One wallet can have an infinite number of wallet addresses

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yeah … so? that is my topic.

let me clearify. should i put it like 100 or maybe it’s better to set it up to 1000 or to leave it on its own. BUT, since 1.5 we have ability to range it manually, why? what is the purpose of such segregation?

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and we go back to my first question, do you have any issues?
If not, don’t touch a working system. The hint I posted explains what the derivation index does. What more do you want? You can change this value if you want, it’s your system and we live in a free world.
It’s like asking: “hey is it a good idea to wear a bullet vest all the time?” when there is clearly no need for it.
TLDR, leave the default value Chia Network has put in. If you trade a lot of NFT’s/CAT’s then maybe you will need to set a higher value.
If you feel my response is not satisfying you can always go to Keybase and ask the Chia Network employees directly.

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If you are more concerned about the technical details, you can go and take a look at the Chia documentation.

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Interesting. aftet i have upgraded this index up to 800 i’m not able to decrease it back to 433.