Did a bit of analysis and Chia is now the most profitable crypto in the EU. BTC is wrecked

I have been examining the three largest cryptos by decentralization of full nodes and what the profitablity of those looks like and have started looking outside the US in particular at the EU (as they just almost had PoW ban) and found something shocking. At the avg electric kw rate in the EU general area (.25c/Kw/Usd equiv.) Farming/Mining ETH, BTC, XCH… Chia is the most profitable at avg electric rates by more then a little at a 1/2 PiB farm size. Going to be doing some tipping point analysis for EU farms on exactly what price/KW that hits at. BTC is getting wrecked all over the place. While we all want the price to be better then what it is now, this is an interesting set of observations on what I feel is in store as globally electric rates are under non-stop⬆️ pressure.