Different Wallet receive adress than in config.yaml

Why are there (at least) two “receive” adresses in my installation?
First: i installed twice, but using still that original mnemonic pattern.

In the GUI, my Wallet Receive Address (xch1z3…) is different from the adress set in conifg.yaml - there; xch_target_address: xch12j…

I´m using Space Pool and payout works fine, with the address from the GUI (xch1z3…).
Interestingly, when i used the faucet to generate that XCH-fraction to join the pool, that transaction used the address from my config.yaml (xch12j…). So both are “mine”?

Could someone explain this to me?

Thanks in advance

Have you created a nft to make portable plots with?

Yes, when entering the SpacePool i needed to create an NFT

OK, well when you create a nft, it creates a new payout address for each nft.
This is for the smart contract to pay out to, the 1.75 reward if your self pooling rather than group pooling.

Then you have at least one other address where the .25 reward will go to if you find the block when group pooling or self pooling.

This address can be changed , if you look at farm tab, top right 3 vertical dots, click that and click manage farming rewards.

You can actually have quite a few addresses all under the control of your wallet.

I wouldn’t allow more than 20 total, or you might run into problems.

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Thank you ! I guess i know got the concept: there is one “first” or private address and then you can derive multiple new addresses (public keys) from that. When i joined the pool it changed from the first (private) one to another one, that´s why the faucet driplet was transacted to this first/private wallet address and then the space pool rewards to the new one.
Every day learning more about chia :wink:

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Every faucet I used, I had to manually enter the address I wanted the mojo’s to go to. ( I think, been a while ).