Difficulty - does anyone know any predictions for resolving the situation?


I wonder how the situation with the new Time Lord “clocks” affects block mining? I haven’t found any information anywhere about how long the chain disruption will last? I wonder what was the “key” to choosing trusted partners who received new components… I didn’t think that the difficulty parameter could soar so high with such a small amount of element disturbing the process. Have any of you noticed any noticeable deviations from the norm in terms of mining, synchronization, etc.?

I think you are a bit late, the disruption caused to the blockchain is already over. Within 24 hours after the fastest timelords stopped increasing in speed, sub-slot iterations increased for the last time to match the new speed. Now with a stable fastest timelord speed, the signage points are much closer to the expected 9.375s.

Previously signage points were around 8.5s, so about a 10% increase in workload for farmers with 10% increase in rewards. This only negatively affected farmers that were already close to their system’s maximum supported plots.

I don’t believe that there was any “key” to choosing who will receive the new timelords (They haven’t received them yet as the timelords on mainnet only just reached full speed). Rather they offered them to anyone willing to buy them.

The sub-slot iterations parameter is directly affected by timelord speed. Difficulty is affected by netspace size and sub-slot iterations. Difficulty increasing as it has is to be expected. Timelords aren’t a small element of the process, they are essentially the entire time aspect of PoST.

Thank you van_dan5!

Indeed, I didn’t look at the last moments…
But looking at the annual report, deregulation was quite visible…
Thank you for your very professional and precise answer.

Could you expand on this? Or are you just referring to the 10% increase in the signage point interval?

The top graph does show the relationship between difficulty and sub-slot iterations, but I don’t see how it relates to any kind of deregulation.


there’s really nothing to expand on…
I just noticed that the adjustment time was quite long. The peak is quite extended, as can be seen in the second graph (on a one-year scale).