Do you think there is a limit to the price rise?

hello to forum,
I discussed this with Hoffman about 6 months ago, I want to get your opinion too.
according to spacepool 10 tb earn 0.1 chia / monthly, chia is 30 usd so 10 tb = 3 usd / month
if chia price be 90 usd right now 10 tb = 9 usd / month
if chia price be 180 usd right now what will happen? brain storm start with that option
if chia price be 180 usd now. 10 tb = 18 usd / month so what is that mean ? according to my brain monthly income rise 1 tb / 1 usd people start making clod mining with legally. what i mean?

if 10 tb plot receive 18 usd / monthly i fastly pay cloud invoice from 1 tb = 1 usd per month and i spend 10 usd and i receive 18 usd / monthly. thats why netspace grow like manniac and netspace fix that status to around 1tb / 1 usd.

In the light of all this information, is it possible to say that the price of chia or the miner’s earnings are limited?

i am sorry about bad english and thank you for reading. just throw idea please i want brain storm about that.

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If I’m reading the chart correctly, the chain is pumping 9,000+ coins a day into the system, and that is some huge sell pressure on the exchanges as people unload. Maybe once halvings start happening and rewards are cut, you can start having the conversation about demand for the coin and price increases. Or maybe there will be another bull market and all ships will rise.