Docker farmer build

Hi, I am willing to make a farmer with docker so I am making some test reading the docs (GitHub - Chia-Network/chia-docker). I understand that I can pass a volume in order to show the plots drive to the container, but I would like to have also the “chia-blockchain” folder passed out as a volume to the container so in the case of failure I can just recreate the container and read from this folder.

The “chia-blockchain” is there the blockchain sync stores it’s data right? I would like to avoid making a full sync every time I spin up a container and only sync to update from after the last sync in my local folder, is it possible?


hi - AFAIK the blockchain and your wallet/config is stored in ~/.chia, the chia-blockchain is more of the program only. Look into that, perhaps having .chia outside and chia-blockchain in docker might be solving your problem.

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Thank you! This is correct, I checked it doing the following:

  • Create container with ~/.chia mapped to a local folder
  • Wait for it to sync a little
  • Checked with docker exec -it (container) venv/bin/chia show -s
    Noted currently synced blocks: Currently synced to block: 721
  • Delete container (volume persisted)
  • Spin up container again
  • Checked synced blocks again, it was currently synced to 800+ blocks just after creating container.