Does anyone know the income in a pool?

I know if a pool win, all members have to share the 1 chia coin,
but if there are a lot of people in a pool,
and my win rate is 1year, the pool can win 20 times per day
after 1 day
, how many percent chia coin, I will earn,
it is dependent on my win rate, right?
if my win rate is 1 year, after one day I will have 1/365 chia coin, right?

yes exactly. Your chance to win doesn’t change, It’s just that you get rewarded in parts instead of one big reward once per year.

There is still a benefit to winning a block yourself though:

Every time someone in the pool wins a block, they get 0.25 XCH for themselves, the pool gets the other 1.75 XCH.
The part the pool gets, then gets divided among all the pool members, based on how many plots they have relative to the pool size.

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To be accurate the 1.75 XCH gets distributed however the pool determines. The expected fair algorithm is that it’s proportional to the amount of space contributed to the pool, but I don’t believe there will be anything in the protocol that requires that.

so, if you are solo after winned a block, you can get 2 xch?
it looks great,
I have only 72 plots,
should I wait offical pools or just join a old pool