Does anyone remember the link to the website showing the location of nodes on Google Maps?

I remember seeing something like this somewhere and I was even surprised that it showed my location so accurately (plus or minus 100m).
Maybe you have a better memory than me?

I’ve seen something even better than this:

That shows mine in the wrong town, but there’s a reason for that, my brothers is in the correct town but quite a distance from where he is. It’s never going to be spot on, unless just by coincidence I suspect.

Nevertheless it’s still interesting. There are a couple more nodes not too far from us.

Unfortunately this page is not updated.
It still shows my location from over half a year ago.

I saw an even better www once…
I didn’t remember the link though.

I zoom in on my area and have a dot 5 miles away from my house. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

There was a better map…
I just don’t have the memory of a 20-year-old anymore…
Mea culpa.

Where is my dot, i dont see my dot :frowning:

IP geolocation is a guessing game, as it doesn’t really provide exact data (ISPs are not providing that info, so it has to be guesstimated).

If you want to check just a handful of IPs by hand, you can use If you want to integrate with some API, something like has a free tier and works quite well (I used it to map MMX peers in Grafana).

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It shows me as being right in the “general area” County Fairgrounds - NOT all that close to my physical location.

It DOES show me as being closer than MOST “display where you are” sites do, many of which have me 2 counties away where the HQ for my ISP is at.