Does parallel plotting influence SSD endurance significantly?

Storage noob here, so apologies if these questions make your eyes roll.

We know that random writes cause a higher write amplification factor for SSD’s (the number of physical blocks that need to be rewritten to accomplish the logical write).

In the case of Chia:

Does this matter? Or does Chia always writes in full block sizes (512 bytes, right) anyway?

If not, would parallel plot farming on a single SSD cause writes to become intertwined and thus increase wear due to increased WA?

If so, would OS level partitioning of the drive into different volumes have any effect, or do volumes have no effect on the actual physical layout of the SSD?

Would frequent issuing of TRIM’s (after each plot, after each phase?) have a positive (or negative) effect?

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This should cover most of what you’re asking

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