Drive has started only accepting 1 plot for the 16tb

Hi this is a funny one. I have now managed to get my nft plot back following a nightmare post windows update.
I have some usb ssd drives that worked fine before the update issues.
Now when i plug them in and select the plot directory, it sees 1 plot as ok and all the others as failed?
It cant be corruption as i have the same issue on both the usb ssd drives. The HDD external drives seem to be ok though lol.

Does anyone have any ideas please?



Run drive diags and see whats going on.

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So check the disk and it said it fixed errors. Then ran chkdisk from cmd and that said errors. I wiped the drive and put a couple of plots on from another drive that work fine. Once they are on the external ssd they become invalid.
This is very odd as they have been working for months. The only thing that has changed is the windows update just over a week ago.
Has anyone else had issues with the windows update ?


When you put them on the external drive, drive letter changes and config.yaml points to correct place. No issues with any windows updates from Microsoft or Chia.

Are you sure you do actually got a 16 TB drive? Those China SSDs you can get for cheap are just USB sticks in a box reporting wrong capacity. You won’t know until you fill the disk and read back the data.