Drives only spinning up if plugged in via USB

I am attempting to plug some shucked drives in and some of them will not spin up or show any life when plugged in via sata… but they work fine if I use a USB connetion.

These are specifically WD 14tb drives, and some, but not all, won’t spin up or do anything at all when plugged in via sata. But plugged in usb they work fine. What could be the issue?


It might be this issue:


yo tha man! just put a little electrical tape over that 3rd pin on one of the drives that wasnt spinning up sata and BAM it span up!

only some have the problem… even with same model number some do some dont.


is that third pin needed for anything? some ppl in the comments of ur link said they just bent the pin out

edit: actually I have great news… my ds4246 spins up these disks even when sata will not, so no need to mod them, I’ll just plot these ones over usb if I need to.


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The option I went with was MOLEX to SATA power pigtails - no taping or pulling pins on drives needed (doesn’t have the orange cable). The only downside… MOLEX lol.

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Kaplan tape works better than electrical tape, as it’s not as thick and is “tougher”.
Also, most “server” class equipment doesn’t attach Pin 3 to anything on the backplane, which also works.

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Yes my DS4246 thankfully spins up the drives