Drjones and the case of the missing plots!

latest chia windows full node.
2 harvesters. also latest version.

all my plots have disappeared from the gui and no matter what i try i cannot get them to show up

but heres the strange part… on my pools tap it shows im pooling just fine… with 0 plots… but im still getting points…
more strange.
my harvesters are connected and viewable through gui.
chia plots check reports no errors on harvester machines…
nothing in my logs indicate anything is wrong…

has anyone els faced this???

im not sure its a dire problem… as im still receiving chia… but literally no trace of any plots anywhere.

where could my plots of gone? this must be a bug?

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@Jacek pointed out that the harvester protocol was updated (see “Changes”), so harvesters running earlier versions of the software will lose communication if not updated. To make matters worse, there will be no log entries because this type of connection error is not logged by default. Changing the log level to INFO from WARNING will make the error appear (along with a lot more info).

I had the same issue, but I upgraded my node to 1.3.4 first, and not the harvesters (100% my bad for not reading the release notes first). Though, with semantic versioning, a minor release should be non-breaking and backwards compatible, so I didn’t see much issue going from 1.3.3 to 1.3.4.

After updating the harvesters and restarting them and the node, plots still weren’t visible. It took a couple of node restarts and harvester restarts (after updating them) before things all started appearing. I never had to reboot, and it was all fairly quickly resolved after getting everything updated to the same version.

No worries though, your plots are there (and interestingly enough some are farming) so I think there’s some kind of GUI bug. I didn’t wanna be in a broken state for long so I don’t have any further analysis or insight into the issue.

well thank you for the explination

farming chia is like a pat time job at this point. so much to read and stay up to date on.
plus always trying to sync.

cant wait to be rich one day

heres some photos of the issue im having…
gonna upgrade harvesters and see what happens i gues.
thanks for the help!!