DrPlotter claims 24.2 GiB plots

AMD still has driver bugs…

I’m not sure when I’ll go down the AMD road. The code is so heavily optimized for nVidia cuda, and honestly, I’m not sure the performance per watt will compare. I also just don’t think the software and drivers are mature enough from AMD, but it might become less of a headache at some point.

A Win ver would be most useful… despite what u read, a lot of Win users could give valuable feedback _ supply more borrowed GPU pwr on your venture… plus we need something to do…like replotting…as some other projects have stalled for the time being and lots of idle hwd lying around…


I hope to bring a Windows version sooner than later. I’d need to adjust all the compilation settings and do testing, etc., unfortunately I can’t give a time-frame on how long that would take.


Testing is my (our) game… literally … with Chia et al…that’s all we’ve been doing for the last couple years … and we’re still doing it… we’re here. :crazy_face:

I’m sure I’ll get hated on for this comment. But like I’ve been saying since the first MM was made then MM GH. This is the exact path like every crypto has gone since the first mining of cryptos. It only takes a few smart people to figure out how to exploit the coin and BAM, rendered useless to everyone without Asics. Then rendered useless to average miners, which abandon the coin, which abandon the price and down and down it goes. It was literally the only saving state eth has left for me until it went POS.

IDK how they could really make this Asicc resistant at this point. Because the solution I’ve seen is to make it harder which makes it cost more to mine but if price scales then that required power to mine scales with it and it’s worth to instant farm 99% compression with 4090s. Not talking about plot spoofing but dam near removing the PO space concept.

Whelp good luck new dev, Linux is awful. Make it work on low compression, with Windows for a basic farmer to use and I’ll use it tomorrow.

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We can agree to disagree on this point.


I don’t think you should be hated on for that perspective, but for me, the resilience of the Chia blockchain comes from plots, and about making those plots support the blockchain in a way that makes it difficult to attack. All the compression levels introduced so far, from C1 all the way up to Pro4x, use less energy for more netspace gain than uncompressed plots. While there is a component of PoW at play, it’s more about the work needed to get that netspace online. It’s a lot invest in getting plots online. True PoW is basically flipping a switch on if it’s profitable (or you want to attack it), off if it’s not. It doesn’t work like that for Chia.The netspace doesn’t change that quickly, although I am very curious what will happen at the halving, that will be a first.

ASICs won’t be coming. If Pro4x needs 23GB of RAM, the best ASIC you’re going to get at a decent price is a GPU made by a company like nVidia. The plot filter levels are now pretty balanced moving forwards. When the 5090 comes out, you’ll be getting ready for the 128 filter, and those 3090s will now be the cheap low end GPUs.


I mean I have been begging for someone to let me use my 7900xtx for plotting, i refuse to dedicate a video card to chia for mining though currently. I have the power that is moveable I just cant use it because its AMD.

I first got into chia with the price boom like alot of people but have been around and farming since the gitgo of public release. I like the coin, I like how it works, I like the project but every project that doesn’t have major traction at this point needs to support miners first to get anywhere. If common house hold miners aren’t protected you are giving up so much of your usage base it will never grow. Down the road they can say screw the miners but $34 coins is not even close to that perspective.

BTC and Eth would of never gotten to where they are without people being able to mine it from household devices. Chia is allready out of that realm but plot compression is pushing it even futher from that realm and moving to GPU mining is allready a step in the wrong direction for an energy efficient coin. It always comes down to the price to mine being profitable but still.

Either way, love seeing active devs in any crypto, so welcome and looks like good work. Get it running on windows for a linux nub and ill bring over my 150TB at c4 compression. Not everyone mining this coin is running servers for a crypto or want to.


Sell that AMD card on Ebay and get a Nvidia and your done!!


I got a 3070 now for plotting but I wont use it to mine and it damn sure dosnt have 24GB Vram

Can these plots be farmed solo or on a any pool, or are they locked to your pool, like NoSSD plots are?

DrPlotter only uses your public keys to make plots, which means you can use the Plot NFTs as you normally would, and can change and choose pools as you like. It’s a harvester-only solution that let’s you connect to the official Chia Network farmers.


Can you fx let us use 2x 4080s (16GB x2) instead of 1x 4090 (24GB)

4080s are much easier to get in mass.

Yes demand multi-GPU right away haha :slight_smile:

That’ll make him sweat.


Im not a programmer im not sure if its trivial to split the dataset into two parts (half on each card) or if its something that makes the programming logic 1000x more complicated.

its like developing a program to take a picture every 5 minutes from a webcam in the forest and upload it to a website

(10 minute development)

and identify the birds in each photo

(need entire research team and several years development)

Would this be a trivial thing or a “give me a year and a team” thing?

It’s def not easy, but wouldn’t take a year. It’s like asking someone who just climbed Mount Everest to do it again.


Can Tesla P40 do the work? It has 24GB version.


For me the deciding factors for NOSSD over GH or Chia BB was the ability to scale compute by using cheap Pcie 1x1.1 mining adapters. I can add as many cheap gpus as I want when I see fit on any Pcie slot. That and it is so easy to set up. It just works without having to fiddle a lot. And Windows OS so I haven’t had to learn Linux yet.

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What mining GPU you use? Those mining GPU has no nvidia driver support. Can’t do Cuda 44x or higher as nossd requires. I tried one. P102-100 mining GPU. Cheap and as good as 1080ti. Just no higher software driver for Windows nor Linux. Only support CUDA 3xx.