Duplicated / Recounted / Repeated challenge sequence in few seconds

Does anyone face the same situation that the Challenge sequence recounted from a number and checking the log, it has a burst pass filter in just 1 second.

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Do you have more than one machine running the GUI on your network?

Yes, I put all plots under NASs, farming in two machines just in case latency due to file sharing performance.

1 in Windows 10 through NFS/SMB,
1 in MacOS through AFP

This is something that can happen if you run two full nodes on the same network. You’ll have to farm with just one machine.

This seems happened every few hours, maybe 6 more hours. Can I just ignore this and keep farm in two machines? Will this burst duplicated pass filter cause any loss of win?

BTW, my two full node farm machines are under different public IP and with 8444 port open

update 5/17:

even with only farming on one machine, this issue still happen…