Dust storm whats the point?

I do not understand whats the point of making dust storm? Previous dust storms did not last so long. But the recent one has been going on for months (I think its been over 3 months).
Is there any way or code to add chia app to avoid the dust storm?

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A blockchain is made to manage transactions. Personally as a a farmer I’m happy that it creates some slight fees to up our earnings


Is it though? What kind of fees is it providing?

Transaction fees, which is added to the farmer reward.


I was wandering why some rewards were more than 0.25 xch like 0.2500134.
So that was it? I see🙂


It looks like this was not a normal dust storms, where gazillions of 1 mojo / no fees transactions were sent to cause increase of peer-to-peer traffic (to bring the weaker nodes down). Rather, it was specifically sending just enough transactions with substantial fees to keep the mempool full. Therefore, only transactions with fees higher than the enforced one could be going through. Although, it looks like for the past couple of weeks it is slowly dying. Hopefully, it will be over soon.

It was mostly a pain to those that were sending bigger amounts of XCH (due to needed coin consolidation, thus the enforced fee for each sub-coin used).

Someone stated that possibly lower than required fees would still let the transactions through (after some time). I think it was not like that, as the storm creator was keeping the mempool full of the enforced fees, thus constantly kicking out from the mempool transactions with lower fees. As chia processes about 20 transactions per second, the needed injection rate was not really that high (comparing to previous dust storms).

Kind of the bottom line is that those previous dust storms were virtually free and were causing significant drop in synced nodes. On the other hand, this mempool flood didn’t cause visible node count drop and the cost of it was several orders of magnitude higher. As some of those fees per block were actually substantial, if the attacker controlled a substantial percentage of the netspace it was getting some XCH back with won block fees (block transaction fees). Not sure if those block transaction fees could be higher than what the attacker had to spend.


I think some of the traffic is coming from inscriptions. This signature is what chain usage looks like (as opposed to people trading coins on speculation.)

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Since Chia 2.1.4 version everything returned to normal and I can make transactions with a fee of 1 mojo. I think it was a software problem.


*improved CPU usage due to tight loop in send_transaction()

  • improve performance of total_mempool_fees() and total_mempool_cost()
  • reduced the default maximum peer count to 40 from 80 (only applies to new configs)
  • changed to normal SQlite db sync option (previously was full)
  • reduced the mempool size to 10 blocks from 50 blocks (improves performance)
  • improve performance of the mempool by batch fetching items from the db

If you check the mempool dashboard, the mempool flood is almost over and fees dropped substantially sometimes letting no-fee transactions go through. Transaction rates are also slowing down.