Empirical values of farming blocks 32k vs 34k

this is not a topic about the math, we all know the math.
i’m just curious about differences of ur math blocks u should farmed and ur real blocks u had farmed.
i do pool farming since over 6 months (only 34k plots) and all the time i farming more blocks than i should. atm i had 22 chia from pool farming but i have already found 18 blocks.
so im interessted if this is just luck (maybee i should play lotto) or is there a realworld differece between 32k and 34k plots.
and pls dont spam this topic with the math part, i know about this. i just want to know other real values.
thx :slight_smile:

Yes, of course, but its math based.

But thats all there is… even real life results will be math based.

You cant analyse figures without math.

Definately so.
So long as youve also factored in .25 rewards and pool fees.

‘Luck’ is simply the statistical chance (sorry the maths) of winning a block.
K34 plot is slightly bigger than 4x k32 plots, i.e., there is a slight better than 4x chance of ‘winning’ with a k34 over a k32. All the truly matters is actual plotted space a kxx file takes up on disk. In the end , it matters so little as to be in the noise, although over sufficiently long time period it should add up to a statistically relevant number (sorry the maths … again) of more XCH. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Besides, that’s not the more helpful part of how k33, k34s improve your farm.

Isnt that a k33 not a k34?

Thanks, yea of course :upside_down_face:.