ENS 5.079 EiB and climbing

Is this good? Kind of new to building a farming machine but i would think it is? It just climbed up to 5.155 EiB from typing this heh

I assume you are really new. As in your node is not fully synced. The actuall current “Estimated Network Space” is 31.666 EiB. As your node syncs up to the current block, it will climb.

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Oh boy, you should brace yourself for some serious disappointment in the next few hours.

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Haha well it’s a work in progress, question. What happens with the farm once it’s finished farming does the HD need to be formatted or would that be “bad” or does it simply delete the files once it is done with it?? Haven’t found any info about that part. lol

I also might add is my plot is on its own HD with the program and windows on a 500 SSD and the temp file has its own HD so it doesn’t bog down my PC

Basically 3 hard drives for one mine

  1. Windows and Chia miner
  2. plot
  3. Temp

Would this be easier for the system to process the information?

A plot file is a plot file forever. You don’t “finish farming”. If you want to earn anything, you farm that plot (or plots) forever. That is the point of “Proof of space”. The plot file is the space used.

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Awesome thanks for helping clarify that!