EOI 4.5 PB farm

Looking at EOI for an entire 4.5 pb farm fully plotted.

42U rack with
8 x 45 Drives I-60 Drive Chassis’
each system has the following:
AsRock ROMED8-2T motherboard
AMD EPYC 7702P 64-Core
Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3 CPU Cooler (Dual Fans)
4 x LSI9305-16i HBA Card
2 x 128gb M386AAG40AM3-CWE(DDR4)
60x 12tb drives (one rig has 30 only)

Located in Australia QLD

Pics also have 4 x Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 AIC Adaptor with 4x PCIe 4.0/3.0 M.2 NVMe Slots filled with 4 WD Black NVME SN750 2TB WDS200T3X0C-00SJG0 but have been removed

Everything in this system is a little over 1year old all parts were purchased brand new


I honestly don’t have the budget for it, although I would love to buy it. but I’m wondering why you want to sell it. If it’s not private, can you share it?

That is just storage porn…

and a car battery


This would most likely be a 4 year ROI at current Chia price of USD$35 right?

One percent loss of drives each year and then after 4 years 10% so yeah about 4 - 5 years if I laid down AUD$105k - that’s what I think it’s worth without knowing how old the drives are.

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id like to know how much electric this pulls, im guessing it could hit the ROI quite a bit with the EPYC’s in there.

You would only need that to plot or replot, farming after that it would still be quite low power or you could use a different harvesting machine.

It would be nice to know how much RAM this server has.

2x 128gb sticks as stated in the post.
drives are 1.5yrs old (still under warranty)
Power wise i cannot remember as its been a while since i plotted but it think it was somewhere around the 2kw mark and running solar so majority of it was free.

buy yes the idea was to plot on this then migrate to lower consumption systems.