Error restarting harvester, Failed to create the chia daemon

Hi have a simple two machine setup. Main machine has the GUI, full node, farmer and local harvester. The remote machine is purely a remote harvestor.

For a while everything was working fine and then I noticed in the GUI that all the challenges where being sent to the remote harvestor and none to local harvestor.

I checked the process monitor and looks like the local start_harvestor (main machine) was not running so I ran this command to start it:

Chai start harester --r

But it fails to start the harvestor and I get this message in the command line:

Starting daemon
Error, timeout.
Daemon not started yet
Failed to create the chia daemon

I checked ps and the daemon process is indeed running so I don’t know what this means.

What am I doing wrong?

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Fixed this by doing “Chia start harvester” (without the --r")

didn’t work for me :cry:

Did anybody sort this?
I now have the same problem.
Running V1.8.2 on Full node and Remote harvester.
It used to work, but not sure when I last used it, so don’t know if it is a version issue.
Port 8447 is accessible (tested with Nmap).
Any more tests I can do?
Help much appreciated.