Error : Retrying in five minutes

Hi All Can Help me.

Time for phase 4 = 694.157 seconds. CPU (95.550%) Fri Jul 8 06:37:23 2022
Approximate working space used (without final file): 269.448 GiB
Final File size: 101.412 GiB
Total time = 21489.111 seconds. CPU (156.690%) Fri Jul 8 06:37:23 2022
Could not copy “D:\plot-k32-2022-07-08-00-39-422d645a89fdcd44db9c70b83bbcf980bc7d345d102e4bdb630f5d9153cacbbc.plot.2.tmp” to “W:\chia\plot-k32-2022-07-08-00-39-422d645a89fdcd44db9c70b83bbcf980bc7d345d102e4bdb630f5d9153cacbbc.plot.2.tmp”. Error The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid… Retrying in five minutes.

Chia 1.4.0 Win server x 64 gui.

Good morning. This disk how many plots are on this already and how much space if left? I remember having to reformat a drive and just move on to correct some issues, but that was me.

Which server version, so others can know? If you provide more info on your system setup others maybe able to see issues quicker.

[FIXED] The Volume for a File has Been Externally Altered Error (

Hi dude.
It’s Windows server 2016. My temp druve is 700 gig. Main gard us 8 Eb.

Is your temp drive an SSD or rotary? You would like your temp drive to be a fast drive. I format my temp as NTFS, just saying. I have had some temp drives hiccup before.

yes tmp drive ssd and worker sata.