Eth 2.0 delayed

Great news imo,
chia pools delayed, why why why, terrible imo

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I have been saying since 2016 that ETH POS (ETH2) was a hoax. The Ethereum team is a joke.

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Might not mean anything to people outside Europe but still

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LOL They don’t make much better clickbait then that!

the shipping of shard chains is not expected until sometime in late 2022

While a transition from PoW to PoS is expected to take place sometime in 2021/2022

Let me do some translation from Vitalikish to English for you.

Read: the shipping of shard chains will not ever be released and we will announce another delay in late 2022.

Read: While the transition from PoW to PoS is expected to be delayed once again in 2022, we haven’t actually figured out how this would work and currently are not sure it is better except that at least with all the miners gone, people will stop asking me (lord of Ethereum) why I don’t remove the ETH iceage mechanism… no miners, no one left to care except for all of the ETH POS zealots who never question me EVER!!! (evil laugh). I might get around to working on ETH POS in 2022, but it won’t be ready until at least 2025. By then I might just do an exit scam with the ~$14B worth of ETH currently staked that I have access to. (evil laugh)

Note: Him having access to the currently staked ETH is total speculation on my part, but with a project that is sooooooooo centralized and move even more centralized I wouldn’t be surprised if he does.

what team, only the founder is left lol