EU Wants to Encourage Greener Crypto with New Grading Measure

“the EU intends to publish a report that analyzes the crypto industry’s impact on climate change by 2025, while calling for members of the bloc to halt tax breaks for crypto mining firms. Moreover, the EU may also prompt member countries to suspend mining activities in case of an electricity shortage.”

…and where will Chia be on the list ?? Opinions?


I’m curious what the fallout from this will be. My guess is the corporate coins and centralized coins will fair better than the privacy coins or GPU/ASIC stuff. And I realize I should care from a ‘freedom’ standpoint but commercial mining farms are a blight - greed is ugly and I’m not standing up for them.

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This is pretty big.

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Yes, so big that XCH fell to $30.


Can you read (along with the 3 geniuses who gave your comment a thumbs up) and understand what “plan” means? It means… future. Probably 10 people read the article so far. I tend not to reply to dumb comments. Not sure why yours qualified for a reply because it’s so asinine. It’s a question that I’ll be asking myself over the next couple of days.

Hopefully Chia Inc does a good job at interfacing between the regulators and small miners who don’t have the means to lobby. It’s a real possibility that Chia is favored over more energy intensive networks. However if we follow the money, none of the HDDs are made in EU, so that’s another pain point.

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I wouldn’t worry too much. EU is currently where CCCP was in 1988, and then came “surprise” revolution :wink:

I still recall that romantic day where our teacher said, “kids do not call me ‘Comrade teacher’ anymore, just call me ‘Mr. teacher’. We can learn now German, and English.” ROFL