Evergreen Startup Kit

Is the 6 or 12TB worth it or is this too low of a setup ajd overpriced to get into the market? It seems efficient in power but the .07 chia a month seems kind of low?

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When we fill up 18TB disks (around $180 to 220) and then have to purchase more. So in my case the bigger the drive the less space I need to store them. Just think of power needs and heat that the drives will make.

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It’s a sweet little kit if you want to get into the project, and actually more affordable or usable in some cases (say you had no way to plot and needed to build a plotter too, or not interested in going down the plotting as a service route). For ‘making money,’ no, it’s not the best approach unless your crystal ball says coins are getting a major pump this year.

You could split the difference - buy the 6TB model and take the $100 you save and buy 3 Chia - you still get the miner to get in on the project, plus you have some Chia that won’t take you 4 years to farm right out of the gate.


Capton_Plots-a-lot has the right idea and sums it up perfectly.

For a small farmer / hobbyist,

You get farming right away on a low wattage and reliable rig, get some XCH right away in your wallet, and on top of all that, the Evergreen Hub is compatible with non-Evergreen hard drives (correctly plotted that is). So whether you decide to grow your farm with or without Evergreen expansion packs, you’ll have both options in the future.

The thing to note with the Evergreen Starter pack is not the 6 or 12 TB that they come with, but the Hub. It’s a very low energy consuming device, that runs Fluxfarmer, which makes it easy to farm Chia using a low energy device and without the headache of running a full Chia node and keeping it always in synced.

A lot of people would probably buy just the Evergreen Hub if Evergreen offered that option. Tied with their App, it makes it easy to farm Chia.

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do not forget 1-22TB still 6.5W…aim for cheap plotting, and highest density per watt…get ROI fast, upgrade…rinse, repeat