Exhausted exos drive

My 14 TB seagate exos exhausted :upside_down_face: after 2 months!!! I have a lot of 2.5 inch low quality hard drives running 7/24 since may and none of them was broken!! The drive was connected to sata port and the pc was on UPS!! I have sent it to the factoryin terms of guarantee. I have learned that there is a 5 years guarantee. :tired_face:

The 14TB Exos has a 1.04% lifetime failure rate according to Backblaze Drive Stats for Q3 2021 I’ve been farming with them for 7 months with no issues.

I think it might be all the exclamation points that are killing it.

Why do you think it broke down? Were the temps good?

I’ve found the 16tb Exos drives to be excellent value and you can fit 147 plots on each drive with only 3gb spare.

Have bought over 30 in the past six months, all running great in DS4246 JBOD’s, in the garage running lovely and cool (only good thing about the UK winter) only had one failure and that was a drive DOA.