Expected time to win growths while netspace down

Why ?

Also show farm summary dosn’t show same value as in GUI.


MUTABOR :dolphin:

Same here, Total Network Space is dropping a bit while ETW is up a bit.
The difference between CLI and GUI is some delay in the update cycle of the GUI I think.

I suspect that the GUI rounds off the value, whereas the command line provides a more precise value.

I do not like that the GUI does not agree with the command line. I do not understand why the developers chose to do that?

It’s not just difference between GUI and CLI, the other day mine said 5 months 3 weeks when netspace was larger now it says 7 months. Both command line.

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Something not working well in the network, delays, high transaction volumes, nodes getting out of sync.
This could well explain why the estimates for netspace and time to win are off.

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That’s what my concern about as well.

All calmed down now.