Expected time to win in time chart

Hi, can I see somewhere the graph of the development of “Expected time to win” over time against the size of the held storage? Thanks.

Chia Calculator - How much can I earn farming Chia (XCH)?

Do you see the information I’m asking for somewhere? Time to win over time?

For past data there’s a graph on Chia Explorer that does expected time to win 1 XCH per TB, but you have to double the time since blocks are 2 XCH right now. Once pooling is on it will be easier to translate.


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Very thanks, perfect answear for me.

Like it’s wrong on that site that the clock should be double?

Why has it dropped like this lately? Does that mean a lot of people have unplugged their HDDs? Why did they do it?

maybe a farm has gone down

It drops because a lot nodes didn’t upgrade to version 1.1.5 Such nodes doesn’t counts as netspace.