External nvme or internal sata

Hello I am using for plotting a dell optiplex 9020 micro (Intel(R) Core™ i5-4690T CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz) on external nvme crucial p5 by usb 3.0.
I was thinking to buy an ssd sata 3.5 like this one Samsung Memorie MZ-76P1T0 860 PRO SSD Interno da 1 TB
Do you think it is better the solution with external usb? Or could I improve with the internal ssd?

Thank yuo

this is the result of the test with current internal ssd.
If I will use that samsung the write will be fast ?


USB 3.0 can up to 5Gbps, usually 550MB/s like your test result.
SATA 3 can up to 6Gbps, usually. 600MB/s.
I checked some P5 test result, this NVME ssd write performance should be 3GB/s (to DiskCache at the first beginning write in) and 300MB/s (direct write to Disk after Cache is full) . this is lower than 860 pro under SATA 3 (600MB/s)

third, if you use a USB 3.2 Type-C nvme external box, you can reach the speed up to 1GB/s. cause the limit of USB 3.2 is 10gbps.

So, P5 on external NVME box < SATA 860 pro, P5 is the limit.
SATA 860 pro < Samsung NVME ssd on external NVME box, SATA is the limit.
Samsung NVME SSD on USB3.2 NVME box < 1GB/s, USB3.2 is limit .

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sorry my fault.
The screenshot before was the test using the internal ssd sata 2.5.

this one is the test using externa nvme
So it is the same what you said ?

thank yuo


453MB is the limit of your NVME box under USB 3.0, it depends on the chip which connect NVME bus to USB bus. a better chip will provider closer speed to the limit of USB 3.0(500MB/s).
but you should notice that, when you run the test of writing in 1GiBytes, this is write to your Cache in your P5, after cache is used out, the write speed should down to about 300MB/s. almost all SSD has a high performance write cache. and when you plotting, your cache will fast used out, so you should mind the real write speed of your SSD.

by the way, 860 pro 's REAL write speed is more faster than USB 3.0 and SATA 6.

this is the test of the nvme on usb using 4gb
so you suggest that samsung for plotting?
I hope my old pc is not the bottle neck :blush:


4G is not enough.
look at this pic. the first 100 seconds can remain 3GB/s, so the cache should be above 256G , I think.

yes, Samsung ssd is better. you can use madMAX to use full of your CPU to speed up.

I have 2000+ plots on my PCs. The Real bottle neck is my wallet. I have no enough money to buy HDD to store the plots… :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: And My XEONs are all on holidays

at last any chia?

I assume you don’t have internal NVMe slot?

Can you get a PCIe NVMe adaptor? They are not all made equal - but even an x4 PCIe gen 3 NVMe adaptor will be better than a USB external NVMe adaptor.

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No it is a micro pc no nvme slot, just one m.2 sata but i am still not sure.

this is what i have on my little mother board lol

hi i create on internal heavy duty ssd connected in raid 0 (4 disk).
this one:
SSD 480GB INTEL 2,5" S4610 TLC SSDSC2KG480G801

20 plot/day.