Extract CSV List of All Transaction History with Prices

Hi Folks,

Is there any current advice for how to easily download a CSV from the blockchain with all XCH receipts ? If it had daily prices in it too, all the better.


Spacescan used to have a tool to do your taxes but it’s no longer there. I don’t think there’s any other choice than to do it manually.

I managed to do it this way. I list in case it helps anyone:

Download into excel first:

Search: address / puzzle hash / cat / block header / height | Chia & Forks Blockchain Explorer | ALL THE BLOCKS (ATB)(Add the address your want to account for)

Then download:

Choose date range Jan- Dec for given year.

In the spreadsheet, there was a payment for nearly each day from the pool. I then had to line up the rates for each day. Then I could do a formula to get the total amount each day per excel line.

Bit fiddly, but probably took about 20 minutes.

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How did you download the data from https://alltheblocks.net/ ?

Highlight the data from the left corner, where the data starts, shift/scroll down to the end of the data to select, then CNTR + C to copy. Then go to excel spreadsheet, right click on the grid and paste with option : Match destination formatting. I could send pics if you can’t grasp it. Have a go.

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