Farm key and plot key, can someone explain?

Still trying to wrap my head around all this. My thought is you could create a plot with your farm key and use a different pool key. For example, if you ran a pool you provide the pub key and people would register the farm key on your service. Check the blockchain if your pool wins and see if it’s a farm that’s part of your pool.

I haven’t seen any documentation on wtf the pool key is used for so my assumption above could be way off.


Same question here…
I found a way to check which of my plots won the block and I can see it through “Plot key” that I can see in GUI.
Where can I find list of Plot Keys except by going one by one in GUI ?

Your plot key will be the same for all your plots unless you generated another key pair and are farming with multiple keys.

I found here that you can know exactly what plot won the block:

As I understood it, this uses public and private key to “extract” plot ID (filename of plot).
Can somebody confirm that?
Even more so, if this works, is there an easier way to see this?

I know it is an useless info but still for the sake of better understanding of this technology.