Farm old plots and Plot in new Pool

Hello, I’ve a question, when the official pool will be available, it will be possible to continue farming (in a second pc) the “old personal” plot and start plotting for the pool with the main pc? Tks!

Yes, per the official pool faq they recommend this: farm your old plots, while creating all new plots that are pool-capable.

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Thank you for the answer!

I read the FAQ…very interesting the “portable plots”…

I have another question, is it mandatory to farm in a secondary pc and plot (portable) in the main one or, for example, i can use only the main pc in which at the same time I farm my old plots and I create and farm the new portable plots for the pool?


Anyone can answer to me? :upside_down_face:

Not much is published about the new pool protocol, so we all just wait and see when it’s ready.

Though it seems likely that the new software updates will just let you plot new pool-compatible plots while you delete your old plots at the same rate on the machine you already own.


Is I need to replace old plots with new plots ?, if official pool is available

Hope there is a poison pill in new pool mining to prevent unofficial pools from being able jump in a take over pool space