Farm XCH, get paid in BTC | AutoSwap for Chia is live

Bitcoin (BTC) payouts for XCH are now in open beta and work with the Chia client, Gigahorse, and FlexFarmer. Farm with using a BTC payout address and get paid to your BTC wallet. The 0.25 XCH reward for block finders will continue to go to your XCH wallet. The BTC network transaction fee is paid by the farmer (approximately $0.8), so please make sure to set your minimum payout higher. For instructions and further details please visit our get started. Get Started |

FlexFarmer users will need to update to version (v2.5.0) which is live on the website.

Max has confirmed that C10-C15 levels of compression will be coming out soon. C12 and C13 plots will have similar GPU requirements to C7 and C8. A GPU will be required for these. Late September-October are the estimated dates for release.


Automatic chia dumping… that’s how do we care about the community and chia future /s

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The community demands those kinds of services, which can be turned off.

Chia’s future isn’t played in XCH but in CNI’s stock, altho FP stated many times in the past that they hodl heavily themselves.

Bit shallow arguments, really.


Agreed to some extent - if the only purpose is to fill Bitcoin bags I also question the commitment of farmers to the project. I’m willing to allow for operations expenses (this hobby isn’t cheap! We have bills!), and there may be other use cases as well where saving an exchange hop might be nice.

“When everyone is selling, it’s time to buy”.

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How is developing a miner that centralizes thousands of miners into one giant node any worse? I’m a fan and user of NoSSD but I can’t understand how you can claim any sort of moral high ground here.

Comparing mythical network connectivity weakening with a negligent coin price dumping
Also we have two giant nodes not one :wink:

I believe we’ve sold less than 1% of the XCH we’ve gotten from pool fees. I’d be happier saying we’re probably more XCH Bullish than any other pool if prices were going up.

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I’d go beyond “can be turned off” to note that this feature must be explicitly turned on (by changing the payout address).

But yes, there is demand. And this indirectly makes selling Chia a lot easier for US farmers who choose to do so.

I expect most farmers will not choose this option, and many will not even notice it, but I guess we’ll see in the coming weeks. The top 10 Flexpool farmers account for about 700PB out of 1.93EB on the pool, or over 1/3. It’ll be interesting to see if any of them cut over to autoswap.

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Spacepool is now allowing payouts in ETH, BTC; Flexpool in BTC. I predict Chia coin in the teens by Xmas, you can start buying truckloads anytime now derryvpeek!


Spacefarmers, not Spacepool. But yeah, I’m on the fence whether it is a good option or not. Would help the people in the US to get some ROI, but on the other hand could mean coin price dropping.

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People who were going to sell would have sold anyway. It changes nothing. No one farms XCH with the intention to sell but doesn’t sell because they can’t.


It depends what country they are in. My prediction is this tanks chia.

Looking more like late-sept. Work is going fast! Tentatively hoping for slightly better compression too.


Still seems extremely unlikely. None of the top ten Flexpool farmers (who account for about 1/3 of total pool effective space) have cut over, and there’s no rational foundation for this sort of “prediction.”

Even if every single Flexpool Chia farmer cut over, which is extremely unlikely to happen, it would affect 5% of netspace going forward, which wouldn’t be enough to “tank Chia.”

So far, none of the Flexpool innovations that chicken-littles howled would destroy Chia have managed to do so. Weird. In fact, I don’t think any of the other innovations around Chia have destroyed it. Remember Madmax’s plotter, Bladebit, NoSSD, heck, even hpool didn’t manage to destroy or even “tank” Chia.


" none of it tanked chia" lol We’ll I guess that all depend on what you call tanking chia. Before Mad Max when plots took 8 hours chia was above $1500 a coin. today it’s at $27. and heading downward so there’s that. I predict it’s in the teens by New Year. Lets see how many people on Space and on Flex are taking BTC payments come November.

I certainly hope you know better than this, but maybe not. Chia was above $1500 a coin for a couple of hours (at most) on May 14, 2021. It was not consistently that way for any noteworthy period of time.

“lol” indeed. Nice try.

It’s a very special take to think that one (1) additional transaction per day on the Chia blockchain will “tank” it. If you have that little faith in the Chia team, there are probably currencies better suited to your misunderstandings. But it’s probably easier for you to troll here, right?

It went down slowly over months and months my friend I sold over 900 of them

Some ones got a terrible memory, and can’t even refresh it by looking at charts widely available.

Wasn’t it the start of this year that GH became available, and by that time XCH was $30

You can see by the chart below that by June 2021 XCH around the $230 mark.

BTC is heavily outperforming XCH and probably will continue to do so until halving/IPO next year.