🍀 ️Farmed unfinished_block but no reward

I have this in my debug.log but didn’t receive a reward. The target address in config.yaml is correct

2021-06-27T09:05:05.145 full_node chia.full_node.full_node: INFO :four_leaf_clover: Farmed unfinished_block bc07be0c9c13ded2ccc7a9849614ae4692bd7f945362730fe57805319558fb83, SP: 17, validation time: 0.057682037353515625, cost: 172875678

2021-06-27T18:46:05.329 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO Adding coin: {‘amount’: 1650000000000,
‘parent_coin_info’: ‘0xe302963c8937ab79618f8d7b043e9ba77fa5039db4f21d38e4bb71d81d8dae4a’,
‘puzzle_hash’: ‘0x80429798b1dcb6dedb082010c0f16095f14e3a3eb77ec6dc069ea10502dde315’} at 494006
2021-06-27T18:46:05.330 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO Coins removed [Coin(parent_coin_info=<bytes32: ccd5bb71183532bff220ba46c268991a00000000000000000000000000047878>, puzzle_hash=<bytes32: 1b9acbc5002b28af26b0d1e0a6ccfe1cd05ceadc67aa0a82ffaf44393c6c1cd3>, amount=1750000000000)] at height: 494006

Why the coin was removed?

FYR, here’s the log that actually gave a reward:

2021-05-24T14:25:29.711 full_node chia.full_node.full_node: INFO :four_leaf_clover: Farmed unfinished_block 9872dfcadfe5b9a238d62087bc06734b2fb3fe4cbb464cbcc85828d281cbc9f3, SP: 39, validation time: 0.02488994598388672, cost: 65633792

2021-05-24T14:26:27.048 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO Adding coin: {‘amount’: 250000050000,
‘parent_coin_info’: ‘0x3ff07eb358e8255a65c30a2dce0e5fbb00000000000000000000000000050ddd’,
‘puzzle_hash’: ‘0x1b9acbc5002b28af26b0d1e0a6ccfe1cd05ceadc67aa0a82ffaf44393c6c1cd3’} at 331232
2021-05-24T14:26:27.051 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO Adding coin: {‘amount’: 1750000000000,
‘parent_coin_info’: ‘0xccd5bb71183532bff220ba46c268991a00000000000000000000000000050ddd’,
‘puzzle_hash’: ‘0x1b9acbc5002b28af26b0d1e0a6ccfe1cd05ceadc67aa0a82ffaf44393c6c1cd3’} at 331232

Appreciate any help!

Is this your wallet address: https://www.chiaexplorer.com/blockchain/address/xch1rwdvh3gq9v527f4s68s2dn87rng9e6kuv74q4qhl4azrj0rvrnfss27pue ?

It seems like all of your 1.75 XCH farmer rewards are being removed (please see link above). Are you part of a pool/farming to a cold wallet?


I moved to a cold wallet. Currently, I’m in a pool but at the winning time (2021-06-27T09:05:05.145) I was farming solo.

I think “Farmed unfinished_block” with “INFO Coins removed” simply means that you sent the previously farmed coined to another wallet (https://www.chiaexplorer.com/blockchain/address/xch18e26kz7mcshtds60qsx3ftxuns736alyvneum7xhkwj6qcuse8xq2304zp) and that the transaction got confirmed at block height 494,016.

If you check the other “Farmed unfinished_block” you can see that it says “INFO Adding coin” - I guess this means that coins were added to your wallet from a block reward.

If you want you can check your logs for “1 proofs” around these timpoints to investigate this further.

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chia-blockchain/full_node.py at 89f7a4b3d6329493cd2b4bc5f346a819c99d3e7b · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

According to the code ":four_leaf_clover: Farmed unfinished_block " means the farmer found a proof and sent it to timelord. Timelord may decide not to include the block in the chain. (I may be wrong)

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