Farmer chia.farmer.farmer : ERROR Could not find authentication sk for pk: Still no answer! Help!

Please help! :crazy_face:

I am getting this error constantly, “farmer chia.farmer.farmer : ERROR Could not find authentication sk for pk:”

Does anyone know what this means or how to fix it?

The error would seem to be related to NFTs as I never saw the error before I plotted NFTs and it has become more frequent the more NFTs I have, but I really do not know this for sure.

Thanks. :grinning:

got this error too from seems its a server side problem

I have been pointed to the code for this error:

which definitely shows that it is a pooling error.

I have never joined a pool and am self-pooling my NFTs. The error only started after I plotted NFTs and goes away if I remove all my NFT directories.

So, my harvester is getting constant fails due to the farmer error. It would seem to me that I am missing my chance for reward every time this happens. The error is so common that it may be that I am not farming/harvesting my NFTs at all. This may be true for many others. Nobody in my search has found out a real answer about this error or its effect. The only good tip I got was the above link and a suggestion to wipe my config file.

Instead of just the config, I just completely wiped Chia from my system and installed 1.2.7. I then manually entered the only mnemonic ever used on this PC and finished syncing again this morning. The error immediately started occurring again.

I am pissed. :crazy_face:

I will now try to navigate keybase and get an answer from the devs.

I figured out how to join the Chia team on keybase and have posted the question in support. I will post if I get an answer.

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here is i fix that problem

  1. rename or delete config folder in .chia [appdata]
  2. close wallet and reinstall chia wallet.exe [dont uninstall just reinstall it using chia new.exe]
  3. that error is now must be gone…

I have already entirely deleted and re-installed the Chia entire GUI. The error persists.

try rename .chia folder and open wallet again for fresh config and blockchain then cek the log debug again