Farmer does not recognize plots

Hi Guys, I’m new to Chia Farming and I’ve ran into a problem just a few days ago. Before y’all give me the 3rd degree, I’ve searched for topics for my issue, but I can’t find the answer.

Here is my problem: My SSD burned out so I had to swap it out. When I booted back and launched Chia UI, the “Farms” tab doesn’t show any of my farms, instead it’s asking me to add farm directories. I did that, but still, farmer does not see any of my plots; I have 350 in total.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall, and switching versions of the Chia UI, and same problem. I started on Chia UI version 1.1.5… now I’m on 1.2.1… I tried all the versions in between and even went back to 1.1.5, and still… farmer doesn’t detect any farms.

Just making sure I cover everything, I even installed a new HDD, and plotted 2 plots to test it out, now the farmer only sees the 2 “new” plots, and does not see the additional old plots (350) I’ve completed.

I’m at a loss and I really, really need help.

I’m running Windows 10 Pro, 32GB RAM, 256 SSD for system (C), and separate SSD (D) for plotting, and I have a 6-raid drive with 6 x 6TB HDD attached to it. The computer sees all 6 drives just fine, and even shows they are full…

Did you try Pressing the refresh Plots Button in the GUI?

yep, I tried everything, nothing worked. However, I think I know what the problem is now… some of those plots were made using the old key… I am now farming with a new key… and I think each plot is specific to the key it was made.

I’m switching back to the old key and I’ll let you know.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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I just installed 1.2.2. and needed to wait a bit after hitting the refresh plots button. If you have slow drives, this could take some minutes. Simply wait 30 minutes after spamming the refresh plots button and tell us if it worked.