Farmerpie / harvesterpie builds, questions, answers-----rpi-talk--Chia-Prius

    i don't see any good discussions specifically about pie's. 
             personal experience's only please
  1. do you use multiple or just one.
  2. whats your pie to TB ratios?
  3. what model are you using?
  4. metered power consumption?
  5. cooling?
  6. harvesting on a pi?
  7. confirmed big winners on a pie?
  8. what cores look like when it its finding proofs?
  9. hows farmer pie holding up? network traffic ect?;;
  10. what times are you seeing in farmers logs?
  11. how did you connect your pi network? lan? wifi? or remote? both??>
  12. challenges of pie and benefits.?
  13. poe with a pie?
  14. ssd? sd? hdd?
  15. headless or full? flavor?
  16. pie statistics? monitoring?
  17. pics of pi rigs?

im really EXTREMELY curious.//?