Farming Chia and Forks

I am farming my chia plots and also together I farm the forks, chaingreen, Flax, HDDcoin.
The thing is for some reason for example for HDDcoin the time to win is 3 hours, but in one day I did not win a block. Everything is ok it’s synced, and the times of Plots Passed filter is below 1 sec, but no blocks won.
any ideas why is this happening.

Luck, or lack of of it perhaps.

I get daily some HDD, sooo i think you got no luck. Got 19 hours reward time.

It’s not luck anymore, I have 3.500 Plots, “Estimated Time to Win” is 3 hours and now it’s over one day. That’s not normal. My system is on Ubuntu 20.04, my times for proofs are below 1 sec, normally 0,3 to 0,7 sec. Is there anyone that can help me with this. Should I do something to correct it?
I am farming Chia, Flax, HDDcoin, GreenDoge, Chaingreen.
From Flax I have won 4 blocks, from HDDcoin none=0, from Chaingreen 8.000.
For Chaingreen I had the same issue and I had to uninstall the farmer, delete all the files and reinstall it.

Id speak to HDD coin devs, it’s not s chia issue is it.

Sure it is. The odds of flipping a coin and getting 8 heads in a row is 1 in 256. I’d say that’s about what you’re hitting there. Unlucky but hardly proof of a structural problem yet. If you go 2 days, then yeah, you probably have a problem.

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It’s 2 days now. I had to remove, delete all the folders and reinstall the GUI in ubuntu. I install the .deb version. I only kept the databases so I will not have to wait for sync.

after the reinstallation, I got one block of HDDcoin. Let’s see if it’s ok now.

For the Chia solo on the other hand I don’t know if its ok, cause my Estimate to Win is 24 days.

One more think that is happening with HDDcoin Node, is that occasionally it connects to Node that are not of this chain and have for example 250.000+ blocks and then the node is out of sync. After a view seconds the faulty node is disconnected and the sync is ok.