Farming correctly?

I know everyone has probably thought this but I am really wondering if I am missing anything obvious about farming? I have almost 25TB of space now and have exactly ZERO rewards. I have seen people post with far less space have 2-8 rewards. Just seems that I would have gotten something by now. The most plots I have seen pass the filter recently has been 2/247.
I am plotting on some MacMinis and farming on a separate Mac mini if it matters.
Thank you!

Here are a few easy things to double check:

  • Make sure the Full Node tab says you’re Status is Synced and your Connection Status is Connected.
  • Look at your Receive Address in the Wallet tab. Make sure it’s the same as the Farmer Reward Address and Pool Reward Address when you choose Manage Farming Rewards from the ... button in the top right corner of the screenshot you posted.

Besides that, you can enable INFO logging in config.yaml and double check the time it’s taking to check proofs to make sure it’s under 30s (it should be a lot less). I don’t think the UI warns about slow proofs because I had one that was 84 seconds yesterday and nothing in the UI flagged it for me.

I was exactly the same as you before I got my first reward. I was watching the UI, but not really sure if I had things working 100%.

Good luck!


I always keep my logs open on INFO level like Ryan said. You want to look for the lines that look something like.

1 plots were eligible for farming ac4763ec... Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.06704 s. Total 100 plots

If you see those lines things should be working.


You don’t have to read these logs by hand, chiadog can parse them and alert you if something’s amiss.

How long have you been farming, with what plot size?

If neither your plot size nor the total network space ever changed (unrealistic assumption, but easy to calculate), your chance of winning at least once in one day would be 21% given your screenshot. (Binomial distribution, win probability = your plot size / total network space, 4608 trials a day). Your chance of winning at least once in a week would be 81% - still leaving you with a one in five chance of getting nothing.


Hi, after reading this I wondered if you could help me? I clicked on the new address button in the wallet by accident and now my receive address is different from my farming rewards target addresses. I’m not sure what to do about this. Could you help me with that, please?

Thank you. I checked and all the addresses are the same. I am not a programmer so I am not sure how to make changes to the config.yaml file unfortunately.

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Maran, thank you. Not sure how to mess with the config.yaml files since I am not a programmer.

freeze, thank you. I am doing k32 plots. I would like to set up chiadog but am not a programmer. I am adding about 20 or so plots per day so I was at 7 days as estimated to win and moved up to 4 days recently. Now the network space is starting to outpace my plotting so it looks like I may be starting to go backwards unfortunately.