Farming NFT plots for more than one pool

Hey Chia heads,

So when pooling came out a few weeks ago, I decided to split all my NFT plots evenly between 3 pools - SpacePool, ChiaHub, and FlexPool. I wanted to compare how each pool went, and hadn’t noticed any big differences.

With the above in mind, is there any advantages / disadvantages to continuing this approach? Would it be better to just assign all NFT plots to a single pool?

As far as I’m aware there is no real problem with this approach, it just has some practical issues to keep in mind.

Mostly, this has to do with the fact than in most pools you cannot join three nft’s into one account. So even if you are farming with all three at the same pool, you will have three separate accounts.
Although some, and maybe later all, have the option to join nft’s together based on the payout instruction wallet.

On the other hand I also don’t see any real benefits because it’s easy to switch pools anyway

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Thanks for the reply. So what do you mean by joining 3 NFTs? Each of my NFT plots only belong to the one pool…

For example, say I have 300 plots in total… 100 of my plots are with SpacePool, another 100 are with ChiaHub, and the last 100 are with FlexPool.

I mean if you would decide at some point to use all 300 plots for one pool instead of three different ones.

That will result in having three accounts with the same pool, three separate payouts etc.
But with some you can combine them into one farmer account by setting the same payout instruction.

Ahh gotcha now… I’ve seen something similar mentioned elsewhere. I’m still deciding which of the 3 pools are the best - if I had to make a snap choice, SpacePool would be the first to come to my mind.