Farming on 2 Macs with one Wallet - different Coins?

I own two old Apple Computers and I plot and farm on both of them for some weeks now.
First I started with one computer, later I added the second one. Both of them run with the same Wallet (because I want to copy the plots from one computer to the other one) and both of them have a full Chia-Version on it, so they both plot and farm parallel.
On one of the computers, I have about 200 Plots, the other one always plots 9 new Plots, which I transfer to the other computer manually, when the disk is full.
About 10 days ago I recognized, that I earned 2 coins on the computer with the 200 Plots on it.
The 2 XCH Coins were displayed in my Wallet and in “history” I saw, that the Coins were earned on 6/23/2021. when I started the other computer, which is connected to the same wallet, the coins were not displayed. Today I looked after both of my farming and plotting Computers and recognized, that there were 2 XCH Coins on the other computer as well. In “History” I see, that they were added at 07/02/2021.
I am wondering know, if this is just the date, when my second computer recognized, that there are two coins in my wallet, or did the second computer earn 2 more coins, on its own?
If the “new” coins are really 2 more coins, how can I manage, to show them all in my wallet, which is displayed on the other system? Both computers work on the same wallet.

Get your receiving address, go to a chia blockchain explorer, enter your receiving address and you’ll see all transactions for that address.
So you’ll be able to see if you’ve won 2 rewards or 1 reward.
Each reward is actually split in two anyway, one of 1.75 coins and one of .25 coins.

I’d guess you’ve only won once but can’t be sure.