Farming on multiple computers, upnp on?

I’ve setup a farming rig similar to the wiki with a MAIN computer and multiple “harvesters” behind it.

On the router should upnp be turned on/off?

I believe the best practice is to assign a static ip to the main node, disable upnp support in chia (there’s a command line switch for it) and port forward 8444 to your full node.

I have the same setup and it’s working smoothly.




IT people rightly complain about uPNP from a security standpoint, but if you have a busy household with a lot of devices, kids gaming, work from home happening, etc, I personally would think twice about disabling uPNP at the router.

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Ahh ok, that’s helpful, thx :slight_smile:

Yeah be SURE to disable uPnP in the Chia settings if you run multiple farmers on the same network!


If you used two different routers (each with a unique External IP) there would bee no problem.

The big problem with UPnP on the same LAN is that two different systems will be telling the router to send all incoming 8444 traffic to them, so when the router flips incoming traffic from Computer1 to Computer2, then Computer2 is receiving all the unsolicited conversations that should have gone to Computer1. Think of it like being in the middle of a your Birthday Party via a zoom call with all your friends/family when some else one kicks you out and takes your spot. Everyone would suddenly be very confused and and upset. When you are able to reconnect finally you may find all your friends/family have left and it is now you who have displaced the other guy in the middle of his D&D night with a bunch strangers you don’t know.

There is an alternate way to run one box (without the GUI) as just a harvester and/or plotter and teach it to communicate via LAN only with the full node who is running UPnP.


Make sure UPNP is disabled on all but one machine: chia configure -upnp false (to disable and true to enable)

edit c:\users\yourUserName\.chia\mainnet\config\config.yaml, find enable_upnp and change to false on all machines bar one, save and restart.

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