Farming Rig question

I am looking to build a 50 to 100 tb farming rig. I was thinking it would be faster to pay for a plotting service to save the time as well. Any recommendations on how i should build the rig, i dont mind keeping it at my house but am open to just renting a server at a datacenter.

Also if anyone is an expert in chia and is open to have a quick chat/consult (paid of course) let me know as I would like to get something up and running in the next week or 2.

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Depending on the size drives you use, 50-100tb will fit easily on a small desk or shelf, hooked up to a NUC or raspberry pi farming away for eternity. You don’t need to rack that in a datacenter at all. Also, with the netspace growth the way it is, it wouldn’t even be profitable to do that long term most likely…

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So, I’am stoping today. In my case with 10Tb and with little increase space never will win.