Files needed for proof of Chia XCH Block Rewards

Once you are awarded with XCH Block Rewards, what files must you maintain to remain in possession of your rewards?

In other words, let’s say you won 2 Chia, and you decide to stop plotting and stop farming. But one day, you will want to cash in on your 2 Chia XCH rewards.

Can you simply turn on your old computer, and the rewards will still be there for you to use in a transaction?

Or will you have to sync up, again, in order for your rewards to be available and for you to conduct a transaction?

And what if you no longer have that old computer, or it died?
What files need to be backed up?
What are all of the files that you must have to be able to conduct a transaction?

Can you simply use a new computer, as long as you know your 24 mnemonic words to open your wallet?

On that new computer, can you simply copy whatever files are needed from your backup to the new computer? is that all it takes? Or is syncing needed, too?

Do you have to sync up your wallet? Or once your wallet contains rewards, is that all that is needed for your wallet?

Once you have rewards, do you still need the plots on which those rewards were derived?
If you decide to sell your hardware, resulting in no longer having any plots, are your rewards still in good standing, or will they disappear when your plots disappear?

What are all of the files involved for being 100% ready to make a rewards transaction?

Thank you.

The rewards are paid to a wallet address. You created the wallet, and the 24 word mnemonic is all you need to control that wallet.

I am pretty sure that transactions from that wallet would require it to be synced.

New computer → chia client install + import 24-word mnemonic → wallet synced → you can send your chia rewards.

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No plots needed?

And it would seem that you should leave some computer, any computer, running 24/7, just to stay synced.

I can imagine returning to Chia, in a few years, and it taking months to sync up.

Which files are needed for syncing?
Can they be copied from any computer that is already synced? Or is each person’s synced files uniquely tied into their 24 mnemonic words?

Just as people cannot use each other’s plots, because they are somehow tied to their Chia account, is the same true for files that need to be synced? Would your synced files work on my computer, and vice-versa?

For example, if I were off-line for a long time, would a friend be able to hand me his synced files on a flash drive, I copy them to my new computer, and I will be instantly (or nearly instantly) synced?

Yes, just make sure the DB you are copying was synced on a computer you trust. Don’t just download it from somewhere.

Stop both machines chia software before copying, the blockchain DB files are in:


There is another large file in:

Apparently, that file will be unique to each wallet, and must remain synced by you?
If so, that brings us back to it possibly taking weeks or months to sync up, if you remain off-line for years.

And what about your winning plot(s)?
If you sell your drives (meaning you no longer have your plots), does that matter?

Will your wallet insist on confirm your rewards by tying into the winning plot(s)?

The blockchain_wallet…sqlite file is your personal wallet and cannot be copied from a friends computer. This wallet would have to sync at least up the height the block that was won before it showed in your wallet again.

As far as your winning plots once the 2chia are paid out for the winning block it doesn’t matter what happens to those plots. The transaction remains on the blockchain, and not with the plots. The whole point of the blockchain is a record keeper.

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So if you win 2 Chia, and then go dark for years, then when you return, as soon as you have a synced “blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite” file, and also have a"blockchain_wallet…sqlite" from the time you won the Chia, then you should be good to go?

The “blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite” file must be fully synced?
The blockchain_wallet…sqlite" file needs to be only as up-to-date as it was when you won the Chia?

I believe if I went dark and then decided at a later date to sell my Chia, I would make sure both databases were synced so I could see the transaction or movement from my wallet to an Exchange to be sold. There may be other ways to do it, but that is most likely what I would do.

Agreed, which is why I am planning now for what I will need then.

The main issue is syncing up.
It used to take a few hours. Now it takes a few days. Next year, it might take a few weeks. As more time passes, it might take a few months.

So any files that I can save, before I go dark, before I sell my hardware, that will speed up that process, I want to identify.

It looks like you have to keep some computer, any cheesy computer, connected and synced, to avoid possible long delays down the road.