FindChia creates a WEB 3.0 community

Hello everyone! I am very pleased to welcome participants of the FindChia pool and those who have not yet joined us!

This article will open the door to our hectic life, where our aspiration to be the best pool for you grows every day.

In May 2021, we set a goal of creating an honest, stable and, most importantly, the most profitable pool in existence. But we did not stop there. After establishing the internal, hidden from the user’s eyes part of the pool, we set about developing our visual design. Oh! We’ve been through so much! However, we believe that we have created a product that we are proud to showcase to the world!

Our team of programmers, designers, front-end developers, testers, managers, and even lawyers and psychologists worked tirelessly. It took us a total of 9 months to fully develop, and we presented to our users.

- We are the first to introduce the concept of «Farm Health».

- We are the first to solve the problem of an internal wallet on the pool and convenient fund withdrawals in different ways, such as «by period», «by balance».

- We are the first to list a user’s entire income down to the last unit after the decimal point.

- We are the only XCH mining pool where you can connect multiple contracts to one farmer account.

- And we are one of the leaders in profitability for farmers among all XCH mining pools.

Today, on July 5, 2023, we have decided that as many people as possible, especially the Chia Network enthusiasts, should know about us — those for whom we have worked diligently and tirelessly. Once again, we are faced with the question — how do we share our work with everyone?

The answer was not long in coming. Because we don’t take the easy way out, and because we’re not afraid to be pioneers and innovators of our ideas, we decided to use what we believe to be cutting-edge technology to engage the WEB 3.0. All for the growth of the community. In our opinion, we have chosen the best platform that allows us to communicate our story in a flexible and clear way. This is the platform, our breathtaking quest program will be launched on this platform for all those interested.

Our program is not only for farmers but also for those who are simply interested in cryptocurrencies and promising directions in the blockchain field.

Everyone will have the opportunity to compete for the top prize positions and receive a real cash prize in XCH tokens!

We invite you to join our exciting journey and share in the joy of achievements. Our Findchia pool proudly stands at the forefront of the industry and guarantees you reliability, stability, and the highest possible returns. Let’s build a strong community together and realize our ambitions in the world of cryptocurrency. The future is already here, and we are happy to share it with you. Welcome to our team, where every member matters and contributes his energy to the overall success!

Stay tuned for our updates, subscribe to our promo channels, and perhaps you will be the one to win the 1st prize!

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