FindChia Official Thread (Updates & Support)

Hey all. We have decided to start an official thread for the FindChia pool, to cover all and any questions as well as help you plot and farm with absolutely no issues.

A short intro about us - we’re a team of crypto enthusiasts, which has been involved with the industry since 2011. Originally based in the UK, we have a distributed team based in EU and US.

Join us at FindChia and enjoy:

  • 0% fee forever, for anyone who starts mining on our pool until September 1st, 2021. After September 1st, the fee will stay as low as 1% or higher if the farmer is happy with us :grinning:

  • Fiat payouts will be handled with our authorized partner, a company which has been very long on the market, and specializes in exactly this. Terms, conditions and process will be published on our site when we are solid on the terms with the service provider.

  • Official protocol, which eliminates fraud and scam. Payouts are processed automatically.

  • Bonus payouts and airdrops, covering for the cases when it takes more time than expected to farm an XCH block.

  • 24/7/365 customer and technical support - please join the groups as described on our website.


NOTE: @dchuk updated this post to change 0.1% to 1% per a request by the OP


Hey yall, is this pool is okey to join to? It doesn’t cheat/steal or something else like that, right? And do they really have the advantages they wrote here? (cuz I’ve already seen pools that said they had lots of pros but in fact it wasn’t true)

Dear friend, we don’t want to be unfounded, so you can ask our community yourself and get answers from our real users. Someone from 890 connected contracts will answer you for sure : )

Feel free to ask there:

Telegram - Telegram: Contact @FindChiaOfficial

Discord -

Yes, it is okey, they are even cooler than I expected. Thanks to this forum I joined them recently. As I understand they not only do not cheat but also they helped me well with setting up my farm. Thanks again guys!
If you have a choice between this pool and another - I recommend you join here, try it by yourself.