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Hi there! Wow, it’s been a hot topic since we published an article about plans to use WEB 3.0 for our own goals. You are our community, and we believe you will tell those who are interested, for whom it is valuable and necessary, about us!

So, on July 15, 2023, we are launching our marketing program! It will engage users and maximally to light up our pool in the social media space.

To make sure you don’t to miss the launch, you can already become a program participant today. Simply subscribe to our community on Zealy.

And let us tell you a bit more about what we will offer you.

As we mentioned before, the program is not only for farmers and people involved in the Chia ecosystem. It is also for those who want to learn new, something truly valuable and for those who just want to earn.

The program may include individual tasks for users. They will gain experience and advancement on the Zealy leaderboard.

We believe that the gamified quests for program members and pool users define Findchia’s innovative approach to this kind of user engagement.

The Findchia pool quest program includes several stages. We will announce each of them 7 days before the launch on the official accounts on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, Medium.

Stages of the quest:

Stage 1 — “Kick-off” — on July 15, 2023, at 12:00 UTC-0;

Stage 2 — “Counting” — results calculation and winner determination from August 22, 2023, to August 27, 2023.

Stage 3 — “Distribution” of prizes for the winners.


1st place — 5 XCH;

2nd place — 4 XCH;

3rd place — 3 XCH;

From 4th to 10th place — 1 XCH;

11th to 100th place — 0.1 XCH each.

General rules:

Total reward pool — 27 XCH = $1000;

Number of participants — unlimited;

Number of winners — 100;

Promotion ends on August 15, 2023, at 12:00 UTC-0.

To participate in the program, users may need accounts on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Medium, other social networks and messengers.

To increase your chances of winning you will need to have a CHIA client installed with a minimum of 400 GB of free hard disk space. For users who want to try their hand at being a Chia farmer, we recommend checking out our FAQ. There you will find all the information on how to install, set up and start mining Chia coins.

All tasks for users will be published on the platform at Zealy - Join the movement

** If the participants in the Top 10 have the same number of points on the leaderboard, the rewards will be divided equally. This is how we respect the principle of fairness. In any case, the FindChia team will decide.*

That’s all for today.

In the next article we will tell you about a separate promotion for Chia farmers that will take place at the same time as the quest on Zealy. And don’t forget to subscribe to our official channels so you won’t miss out on the news. After all, as they say, the early bird catches the worm, and…, right, has a better chance of winning!

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I dont get it.

  • is it a game?
  • is it a pool?
  • is it a job offering plattform?

We’re the Chia mining pool. We are currently running various quest programs and promotions for farmers, Chia Network enthusiasts and just for those who want to earn XCH.

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