Findchia - yes/no?

Everyone heard about pools that are currently on the top but did anyone hear about FindChia?

I connected to them a few days ago and they seem kind of nice: drops, support and so on - full pack of pros.

But is here anyone who connected to them earlier? Does this pool really okey to join and farm on for a while?

I’ve been using that pool a little longer and for me it’s like one of best pools at all. Like for real. They got all of that stuff (drops, support, …) and at the beginning I thought that they are kinda strange, but when I connected 10tb on that pool just to check if they are legit, I was surprised cuz those drops were just insane + they are now catching blocks so I really dont see a better pool for now

That seems like an ad but you really gotta try it and you will understand that it’s really like that

I really didn’t think that was possible, but then wow… just kidding.

If it’s something as you say word for word, I am all for bringing up the beauty to all… it’s hard to tell which is real and which is not these days.

The rule of thumbs:
If something seems too good, it really is!


lol kk